Because Size Matters

To play in the big league you need a big league team

Non-Compliance Issues

Every year the IRS assesses more than $2 billion in penalties for payroll tax non-compliance issues.

Governmental Compliance

1 of 3 businesses are out of governmental compliance. 1 of 3 businesses are out of governmental compliance.

No Safety Net

Most business owners have no safety net without unemployment insurance, workers comp, COBRA, 401K, HRA/HSA/FSA accounts and other corporate-type benefits.

Greater Costs

Businesses with less than 100 employees often have 20% to 40% greater costs.

Affordable Healthcare

Despite the ACA small business owners still lack access to quality affordable healthcare.

More Taxes

Unincorporated small businesses typically pay 7-10% more taxes than properly structured businesses.

Proving Income

Self-employed persons still encounter difficulty in “proving income” for business loans, auto loans and mortgages.

We Are Hiring

Nex-Gen B2B, LLC is hiring small business owners, independent contractors, self employed persons and others.

Whether you are a real estate agent, insurance agent, retail owner, franchise owner, IT consultant or other independent business person we want you to join our company.

As an employee of a large marketing and management consulting firm you will receive the training, tools, resources and support that can only be achieved through corporate employment.

The Offer

We offer comprehensive corporate benefits including

Doing What You Do Best

Nex-Gen B2B allows entrepreneurs to continue focusing on doing what they do best while we manage the “business of business”.